Volume 17 Number 1 January 2014


Volume 17             Number 1          January 2014

Animal Biotechnology

Laser-assisted photoporation: novel, safe and efficient approach of gene transfer in rat knee articular chondrocytes

Abdelaziz M. , Sherief E., Salama M. and Badr Y.
Medical Biotechnology
Pre and post fatigue assessment of extension moments in patients with unilateral ACL reconstruction
Radwan A., Abdallah A., Fahmy A.and Hanafy A.
Plant Biotechnology
Characterization of an Egyptian isolate of the cucurbit yellow stunting disorder virus
El Rahmany R.G., El Attar A.K. 1., Zein H.S., Abdallah N.A. and Mazyad H.M.
Isolation of some drought stress related cDNAs from Rhus tripartita plant via differential display
Ghareb H. E.,Hussein B. A., Eissa H. F., Shokry A. M., Hassanein S. E., Gabr M.F. and Abdallah N. A.
Molecular marker screening of wheat (Triticum asetivum) germplasm for salt tolerance
Abu El-Maaty Sh.; El-Arabi N.  I.; Youssef S.S. and Moghaieb R. E.A.
Antioxidant responses and molecular markers in Retama raetam (Forssk.) Webb & Berthel under different environmental conditions
El-Lamey T.M. and Khalil R.M. A.
New approach for generating transgenic tomato plants expressing the cyanobacterium GRX-2 gene
Soliman M. H., Hussein B. A., Osman N. H. and Hussein M. H.A.