Volume 21 Number 1 January 2018


Volume 21                            Number 1                          January 2018


Animal Biotechnology

In vitro fertilization and embryonic development of post-thawed buffalo  oocytes vitrified with soybean lecithin.

Hussein Y. S., Ashour A. M., Badr M. R., and Gele M. A.

Possible implication of melatonin receptor 1A and Arylalkylamine N acetyltransferase genes polymorphisms for seasonal reproduction in Egyptian sheep breeds.

Fathy H. A., Gouda E. M., Gafer J. A., Galal M. K., Nowier A. M.

Biochemical analysis of glucose level and superoxide dismutase activity in buffalo follicular fluid and blood Serum.

Tawfik H. N., Kandil O. M., Hemeida N. A., Abdoon A. S. S., Elkhadrawy H. H. and Abdel-Aziz S. A.

Plant Biotechnology

Evaluation of some cyanobacterial strains as growth promoters for sweet pepper (Capsicum annuum var. Annuum).

Selim I. M., Emara Kh.  S., Barakat O. S., Higazy A. M.

A genetic linkage map of the chickpea, Cicer arietinum,  based  on  microsatellite markers and localization of the Fusarium vascular wilt  resistance locus.

Fouad N., Hamwieh A, Abdel-Hamied A., Saad M. E.  Youssef M. M.