Volume 3 Number 1 July 2000



Effect of female sex reversal hormone diethylstilbestrol “DES” on Oreochromis niloticus chromosomes by means of SCE
N.T. Hamdoon

Biochemical and molecular characterization of some sheep breeds in Egypt
Wafaa A. M. Abd El- Naby and E. E. Tharwat

Cloning of Serratia marcescens chitinase gene showing antifungal and insecticidal activity
M. R. Enan, M. H. Soliman,, Gh. A. Gad El-karim, M. E. Younis, S. M. EL-Dohlob and M. A. Madkour.

Cloning and constructing infectious clones of an Egyptian isolate of tomato yellow leaf curl virus
N. A. Abdallah, C.M. Fauquet, R.N. Beachy and M.A. Madkour

Preservation of Egyptian wild plants using tissue culture techniques I: In vitro propagation of Urginea maritima
Mahmoud M. Saker, Mohamed K. El-Bahr and Raino Cella

Factors affecting growth and indole alkaloids content of catharanthus calli (Catharanthus roseus L.): amino acids, casein hydrolysate and irradiation
F.A., Ahmed, O.M., Abdel-Fatah, M.I. Kobeasy, and O.K. Ahmed.

Production of sennoside compounds and banding pattern variations between explant-derived calli and their selected lines in Cassia obovata
A. El- Sawy, 0. E. El-Sayed and R. A. EI-Mergawi

Plant regeneration via somatic embryogenesis from cotyledons in cucumber (Cucumis sativus L. cv. Beit Alpha)
Said M. Khalil, Mohammed A. Badawi, Khaled A. Abdel-Ati and Magdy A. Madkour

Multiplication of Sesamia cretica granulovirus in two homogeneous cell lines
Amany El-Hefny, Moguib Salah, Amr Soliman, Mohamed A. K. El-Sheikh and Gilles Fediere

A sensitive detection of banana bunchy top nanovirus using molecular genetic approaches
Robert M. Harding, Ahmed Bahieldin, Atef S. Sadik and James L. Dale

Isolation and characterization of an Egyptian strain of potato virus Y
Maged M. Abdel-Halim, Atef S. Sadik,, Mohamed I. Salama, and Ahmed M. Salem