V o l u m e  2 0                                  N u m b e r  1                                   J a n u a r y 2 0 1 7

Environmental Biotechnology

Characterization and identification of compatible bacterial and  fungal  isolates as biological control (Enas A. Hassan)

Medical Biotechnology

Production of recombinant human interferon gamma by batch fermentation  in coli system.(Saber M. A., Okasha H., Mohamed M. M. and Romeih M. H.)

Plant Biotechnology

Efficiency of eugenol oil nanoemulsion against Banana bunchy top virus and contamination with fungi in plant tissue(Mokbel S. A., Khalil A. A. and El-Shazly M. A.)


Identification of two phytoplasma groups in Alwijam-affected date  palms  and their possible alternative hosts in Saudi Arabia. (Alhudaib K., Rezk A. and Alsaleh M.)


Molecular differentiation for six Genotyps of sugarcane (Saccharum ) using scot marker. (Lamyaa M. Sayed.)


Stability analysis and molecular evaluation of new garden pea genotypes in Egypt.(Hamed A. A., El-Akkad T. A., Zakher A. G. and Abo-Hamda E. M. E.)