Academic & Steering Board of ACGSSR

Academic Board ACGSSR

(2018 – 2020)


* President of Cairo University (Egypt)

* Secretary General of the AARU

* Director of ACGSSR

Presidents of 8 Arab Universities:


1.     President, Jordan University of Science and Technology/JUST

2.     President, King Fahd University of Petroleum and Minerals – Saudi

3.     President, University of Burao – Somalia

4.     President, Holy Spirit University, Lebanon

5.     President, An – Najah National University – Palestine

6.     President, University of Mosul – Iraq

7.     President, University of Algeria1, Algeria

8.     President, University of Damascus – Syria

Steering Board ACGSSR


Prof. M. Othman Elkhosht

President of Cairo University

Chairman of the Board of Directors, ACGSSR


Prof. Abdel Rahman Zekri

Vice President for Graduate Studies and Research, Cairo University

Director, ACGSSR

Professor of virology and molecular biology at the National Cancer Institute, Cairo University

Executive Management

Mr. Nasr Ali Hassan,        Secretary General of the ACGSSR

Eng. Magda Ali Saber,     General Secretary of Arab Journal of Biotechnology, ACGSSR

Mr. Khaled M. Darwish,   Public Relations & Contact Office, ACGSSR