Volume 17 Number 2 July 2014

Environmental Biotechnology

Response of mint to some organic agriculture practices under greenhouse conditions. 

Elmaghraby M. M.K., Ragab A. A., Ali M.A. and Higazy A.M


Medical Biotechnology

Impact of insulin-like growth factor-II polymorphisms on growth and reproductive traits in rabbits. 

Abdel-Kafy E. M., Gafer J. A. and ShaabanH. M. A


Plant Biotechnology

Effect of subculture number on pineapple in vitro multiplication and somaclonal variation. 

Nady H. N., Mohmed S. A., and Mahdy H. A.


In vitro hardening of date palm cv. Medjool vitroplants affects growth in the nursery. 

Hegazy, A. E.


Differences in chilling tolerance among genotypes of sweetpotato (Ipomoea batatas (L.) Lam.). 

El Far M. M. M. and Koyro H.


Biological and molecular characterization of a geminivirus affecting pepper plants in Egypt. 

El-Gaied L. F., El-Sherif N. A. and Salem R. E


Assessment of genetic diversity in some Chenopodiaceae plants

Khalil R. M. A.