Volume 18 Number 1 January 2015

Environmental Biotechnology

Isolation and molecular characterization of potential paraffin wax- degrading thermophilic bacterial strains
El-Awady A. M. M. and Amin G

Medical Biotechnology

Genetic and bioinformatic analysis of human aquaporin genes.
Elseehy M. M.

Cloning and expression of human growth hormone in E. coli system.
Nasr S. M., Ibrahim M. K., Hammad H. A., Omar H. A., Severins R., David W. J.H. and Saber M. A.

Human granulocyte colony stimulating factor (hG-CSF): cloning and expression in E. coli cells.
Saber M. A., Moubasher M. H., Shaheen M. M., Mamdouh S. and Omar H. A.

Plant Biotechnology

Identification of differentially expressed drought-responsive transcripts in Egyptian cotton.
Hashem M. M., Hussein M. H.,Moghaieb R. E. A. and Momtaz O.A.

Effect of coconut milk and number of subcultures on banana somaclonal variation
Nady N. H.